Why Buy?

Starting with our web site, every thing about Doogie's & The Clam Digger is designed to be without fluff. As you peruse the market place for franchising opportunities, you will see a multitude of slick advertising and glossy brochures. We take the opposite approach.

The Cost

Straight forward, clear and easy to understand. Our operation is simple, the total investment, based on our experience, of $135,000 is significantly less than almost any other restaurant concept.

The Niche

We found it and we filled it. Many different hot dog presentations, char-grilled to order burgers (cooked as you like them ), the best Philly outside Philly, and fresh, breaded when ordered fried seafood.

The Ingredients

A Short Learning Curve - no culinary education required. A bubbling personality is the best asset a franchisee can bring to the business. The front end is every bit as important as the kitchen. Far too many places today treat customers like numbers. We treat them like customers.

Speedy Service

It's not pre-cooked and handed out as soon as it is ordered. However, despite being cooked to order, most single orders are served in 4 minutes or less.

Menu Design

Our lunch business is as you might expect: a lot of burgers, hot dogs, and seafood sandwiches or Jr. Platters. The excitement of our concept is the dinner business created by our seafood offerings and lacking in almost every fast-food operation. The result is a higher average check and lower food costs than almost every fast-food operation.


Our whole operation is as simple as we can make it. Doogie's is designed to work with minimal labor, generally four people per shift . Controlled labor and a healthy dinner business leaves more money in your pocket every week. Perhaps best of all we guarantee protection for market area and signature products. We will never put another franchise or a company store in your market area.

The "experts" say a web site needs a page named "Why Buy?"

We say "Why Not Buy?"